About Us

Jinmai Technologies is more than a supplier who makes and delivers metal bellows parts.

Our mission is to build safe and reliable products. This drives patience and discipline into each production order. We take the time to fully understand your detailed application, offering bellows solutions to support your design optimization and sample validation.

 In addition to products for commercial applications, such as SS Metal Bellows SensorsWater Hammer Arresters, Welded Bellows Expansions, Mechanical Seals, and Vacuum Valves, some projects of Jinmai Technologies have been devoted to the Scientific Research Laboratory industry.

With strong capabilities in metallographic analysis, machining, and welding processes, we have over 15 years’ experience delivering market and product solutions to companies around the world.

We deliver solutions with high quality, flexible delivery, and competitive cost. Whether you need a small order for prototypes, or a large production order, we are ready to help you build a safe and reliable future. 

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