Vacuum Valves
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While casings of wide vacuum valves are manufactured by welding or casting, the products of Jinmai Technologies limit the welded areas as much as possible.  Also, the thread crests of manual types are designed with sufficient thickness to reduce the manipulation time considerably.  With the welded metal bellows designed and fabricated under unique manufacturing processes, built Safe and reliable, Jinmai Technologies is confident of its ability to satisfy all customers as to quality and price

- Body: SUS and aluminum
- Welded Bellows: SUS316L
- Sealing Material: VITON O-ring
- Leak Rate: Up to 1*10-9 torr
- Reliability (Bellows Life Cycle): 300,000 operations
- Size: NW16~NW50, meeting the standards of ISO 63~ISO100 (Customized production is also available.)
- Angle Valve/In-line Valve
- Manual Valve, Pneumatic Valve